An Irreverent (and Delicious) Map of the Online Food World

An Irreverent and Delicious Guide tot he World of Online Food

For our Spring 2012 issue of SAY Magazine we explore the brave new world of food lovers and the amazing digital publishers that are satisfying their hunger. To illustrate our point, we also created an amazing giant map to highlight who these incredible creators are and help you find your way around this world.

You'll find sites that take delicious food and make it accessible such as Ideas in Food, Serious Eats, Smitten Kitchen and Food52, as well as amazing feasts for the eyes such as Orangette and UK-based Nordljus. The map includes sites that combine food and fun like Turntable Kitchen and Everybody Likes Sandwiches, as well as ethnic favorites such as Rasa Malaysia, Burnt Lumpia and Just Bento. You'll find healthy food sites such as Summer Tomato, The Perennial Plate and The Chubby Vegetarian, sites that make recipes work such as 101 Cookbooks, and useful food sites that come to the rescue every day such as $5 dinners, Pinch My Salt, The Kitchn, and Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef. For a full list of all the sites, click on the map to enlarge it for a key.

Did we miss one of your food favorites? Let us know in the comments and we'll include it in a future version of the map.


A few of my favorite blogs you missed:

Homesick Texan
What's Gaby Cooking
Aida Mollenkamp
A Cozy Kitchen

You guys put in Kitchen Generation but you forgot to put in the people behind it. They all have food blogs: Lauren (Celiac Teen), Kam (Sophisticated Gourmet), Hannah (Honey and Jam), Tessa (Handle the Heat) and Elissa (17 and Baking). All of their blogs are GREAT!

Kalyn's Kitchen, Not Without Salt, Sassy Radish, What Katie Ate, Seven Spoons, and A Sweet Spoonful are also missing.

Gotta add How Sweet Eats!!!

Here are a few you missed:
Chubby Hubby
Homesick Texan
The Traveler's Lunchbox
Cafe Fernando
My Kugelhopf
What Katie Ate

I think you missed a huge swath of dessert/baking blogs. Including:
Sprinkle Bakes
Dessert First
Desserts for Breakfast
Cafe Fernando
and of course, my blog, Eat the Love

Other major food sites you missed include
Running with Tweezers
Use Real Butter
Recipe Girl
No Recipes
Michael Ruhlman
Ezra Poundcake
Chez Pim
Eating Rules

Love the map - but you missed my favourite, Choosing Raw. Hope that makes it to the next edition!

Great suggestions - keep 'em coming!


You should add my blog, Katharina's Food Adventures ;) no joke!

Love the map. If you repeat next year, check out the Paleo food bloggers!


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