Top 10 Foodies on Instagram

We tend to judge our food before we’ve even put it in our mouths. Color, texture, lighting, and presentation all play a role in how appetizing we think something looks. Fortunately there are food writers and photographers who, whether they’re cooking it themselves or eating it out and about, can perfectly capture the moment when a plate of food is set before you and you know you’re about to experience something special. Call it food porn, call it drool-worthy, or call it art…

We’ve found the best Foodie Instagram accounts that take all three into account.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver
Food, family, and fun. Oh, and lots of pics of the famous chef himself. Good thing he’s not too hard on the eyes.  Food52

Food52 @Food52
Simple, but beautiful photographs of seasonal food to restaurant excursions, behind-the-scenes at photo shoots to essential office supplies.

Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman @ThePioneerWoman
Country livin’ photographs from ranch wife and mother of four, Ree Drummond. Don’t be surprised if when viewing her cowboy-friendly dishes like mac and cheese, s’more cupcakes, and hearty stews, you have to wipe a little drool from the corner of your mouth.

Kate Seiner

Kate in the Kitchen @kate_selner
Kate in the Kitchen uses Instagram to show food in a way that tells a story. A beer in a mason jar on a road trip to Wyoming, her patio garden, or a simple meal enjoyed at twilight by the dock. Oh. And lots of cats.

Nicole Franzen

La Buena Vida @nicole_franzen
There is something about Nicole Franzen’s photographs that are so stark riveting, you almost don’t want to eat the food showcased within them. But then, of course, you ultimately do.


Not Without Salt @ashrod
There is not one thing Ashley E. Rodriguez of “Not Without Salt” photographs that you’ll not want to eat. The composition and balance are perfect and will make you look at food from a new angle.

Alice Gao

Alice Gao @alice_gao
Alice Gao is a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in New York. Her food photographs are airy, honest, and just messy enough to feel inviting. You’ll also appreciate how she’s not afraid to eat fries when the mood strikes.


Food Republic @foodrepublic
Food photos the way a man (and a hungry girl) likes. These high-calorie photos don’t always showcase the healthiest food options, but you can be sure they only feature the most delicious.


Stumptown Coffee @stumptowncoffee
Coffee aficionados and hipsters alike will flip for the Instagram feed of this locally owned coffee roaster. Lots of remarkable latte art, oh-so much flannel, and plenty of bicycles to go around.

Richard Blais

Richard Blais @richardblais
If you didn’t fall in love with Richard Blais when he was on Top Chef, his Instagram photos are sure to do the trick. Quirky and unassuming pics of his dishes and travels capture his personality perfectly.

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What foodies do you follow?


Many thanks for the shout out, but could you correct the article as you've miss-spelled my name.

It's @kate_selner. Not @kate_seiner.

Thanks. And HOW COOL!!

Amen to Kate in the Kitchen! You chose well.

I don't cook! but I post restaurant food photos under @dafoodie


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