10 Most Popular Say Daily Interviews in 2012

It's an exciting time to be in the business of digital media. For every Newsweek and The Daily that folds, there are hundreds of new storytellers emerging, ready to share a passion, create an audience and build a bonafide media business. At Say Daily we love to interview these storytellers and content creators, to share their successes, and celebrate their creativity. Here are the most popular interviews we did in 2012. Enjoy, share and let us know if there's someone else you think we should interview.

Little Green Notebook

Little Green Notebook: Genius Designer DIYs
Five years ago Jenny Komenda began posting her interior design inspirations on her site, Little Green Notebook. Her specialty? Finding shabby vintage pieces that she transformed into gorgeous one-of-a-kind furniture worthy of Elle Décor. Today, Little Green Notebook is a wildly popular design destination that combines creative DIYs with beautiful interiors…

Design Mom

Design Mom: Finding the Exceptional in Everyday Moments
An entrepreneur and founder of Alt Design Summit - a standing room only event for independent lifestyle and design publishers - Gabrielle Blair is also the creator of the wildly popular site Design Mom. Currently living in a beautiful farmhouse in the French countryside and a mother of six, Gabrielle writes about the intersection of design and motherhood… To visit her world is to be a happy voyeur in an amazingly stylish, creative and down-to-earth life. Does it get any better than this?

Brick House

The Brick House: Adventures in Home Design and DIY
Once you're bitten by the home design bug, you're always remodeling – and we mean that in a good way. That's the story Morgan Satterfield's life as chronicled on The Brick House, a site where she shares her latest home improvement projects, DIY furniture restoration plans, vintage thrifting quests and other adventures in building a more perfect home…

Put This On

Put This On: How to Dress Like a Grownup
Jesse Thorn is a public radio host, the founder of MaximumFun.org, the bailiff on the comedy podcast Judge John Hodgman, and the genius creator of Put This On – a popular site and Web video series for men about dressing like a grownup. Among the sartorial mysteries he solves for men on Put This On are what you need to know about business casual basics, white shirts vs. blue shirts, what to wear to a summer wedding and hats for non-douches…

Ideas in Food

Ideas in Food: The Endlessly Creative Kitchen
Just how delicious can food get? That's a question Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, husband-and-wife chefs, set out to answer every day with their site, Ideas in Food – a site that brings avant-garde restaurant techniques to the home kitchen and documents the results. One day it might bestuffed pigs trotter, the next, smoked fried chicken (yum)…


Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Sweet Combination
One of the most popular tastemakers on the Web, Emily Schuman is the creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere a sweet combination of fashion, food, home and beauty. Emily shares her beauty secrets, her favorite fashion finds, her recent wedding, her home decor projects, and gives readers glimpses of her well-styled life in LA…

Annaleenas Hem

Annaleena's Hem: Stunning Scandinavian Interiors
Swedish stylist and photographer Annaleena Karlsson's beautifully minimalist site Annaleena's Hem is an amazing source for kitchen and DIY inspiration. Looking for ultra-modern retro? Check. Or a Scandinavian summer pinboard? Check. How about easy DIY projects for bringing Scandi design into your own home? She's got you covered there too. This talented designer even has her own shop…

Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens: Where It's Always Cool to Be Green
It's amazing what can grow out of a little ingenuity and creative energy. Just ask Robin Horton, a designer, writer and the creator of Urban Gardens – a stylish site devoted to sharing her love affair with city life, design, and nature with urban dwellers. On a given day on Urban Gardens you'll find ultra-modern compost planters, sleek hydroponic vertical gardens, surprising outdoor fire pits, creative containers for growing things in tight spaces, and an amazing rooftop urban farm in Manhattan…


Shoebox Dwelling: Living Large In Small Spaces
Less really is more, especially when the results are stunning. Natalia Repolovsky has a knack for finding simple, space-saving, and beautiful minimalist things on her aptly named site, Shoebox Dwelling. Whether it's gorgeous modern furniture, genuinely smart IKEA hacks, or beautifully designed mini homes, Natalia curates the world of living large in small spaces…


siteInspire: The Best Kept Secret in Web Design
Amazing Web site design is part art, part science – and Daniel Howells has an eye for both. Daniel is a Web designer and developer, founder of London-based Web design and development agency kulör, and the founder and curator of siteInspire, a showcase and CSS gallery featuring the best Web design today. A fountain of great ideas, Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swissmiss calls siteInspire "the best kept secret for people designing websites…"

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I am so honored to be among these fabulous bloggers! Thank you Say Media for featuring Urban Gardens and I look forward to another great year and an abundant future together!


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