10 Interesting CMOs on Twitter

Interesting CMOs on Twitter
Three years ago, Forbes
lamented that “despite all the chatter, few top marketing executives are tweeting.” How long ago was 2010? The story featured “Kodak’s celebrity CMO” with his nearly 14,000 followers. Remember Kodak?

In those long forgotten days when Kodak was a thing, folks were worried that maybe this Twitter thing wasn’t catching on with the CMO types. These days, of course, is a totally different story. CMO’s are tweeting like crazy, and people are paying attention.

Here are a few interesting CMOs and how they're using Twitter:

Ted Rubin @TedRubin
Rubin is the CMO of Collective Bias, a content marketing company that drives social media engagement in clients’ brands through the sharing of stories via social media -- therefore creating narrative and engagement that feels genuine and customer-focused. No wonder Ted Rubin is the most followed CMO on Twitter with more than 106,000 followers.

What makes him so engaging? Mostly because Rubin is a pioneer in social media marketing, having conceived of the notion of “return on relationship” or RoR. In fact, it’s the title of his new book.

As for his tweets, you’ll see lots of engagement with his followers as he retweets and replies, even if just with an emoticon.

Myles Bristowe @mylesbristow
As the CMO of CommCreative, Myles Bristowe has a messaging gimmick that translates nicely to Twitter, which could help to explain how he accumulated more than 60,000 followers.

His gimmick is to combine a marketing theme with a fortune cookie message in what he calls his “Marketing Cookie.” It’s like every other fortune cookie game you’ve heard of, except you add “in marketing” to the end instead of “in bed.”

And then he elaborates on it at the CommCreative website, using his social media presence to boost traffic to the parent company’s site. Do you have a good fortune cookie with a marketing subtext? Tweet it to Myles and see what happens.

Lisa Gavales @ExpressLisaG
Is that a picture of Ms. Gavales with a surf board in her Twitter profile, or an Express model? It doesn’t matter and it's certainly helped her rack up more than 45,500 followers as she works to increase the visibility of Express stores in social media.

Gavales shows that she knows how to engage her audience while also motivating and supporting her company’s staff by tweeting encouragement from her swing through Express stores during the pre-Christmas rush:

Beth Comstock @BethComstock
Just what you might expect from any GE executive, Ms. Comstock’s Twitter profile page is understated and all business, but still with over  15,000 followers.

It must be a difficult job being the CMO for an organization as large and diverse as GE, and Ms. Comstock rises to the challenge by discussing everything from the GE Design team to GE R & D to GE’s medical device division while curating a Twitter stream of relevant news stories, RT’s and replies.

Nick Kellet @NickKellet
The CMO of List.ly, Kellet is a prolific tweeter with 36,000+ followers. Kellet tweets about new ways of understanding social media (think of online customer support as “social care”), new social media trends (like Pitchous and Crowdbabble) and engaging with Listly users on Twitter.

Margaret Molloy @MargaretMolloy
The CMO of Velocidi, a next-gen digital marketing company, Ms. Molloy has racked up a heathy following on Twitter. A native of Ireland living in New York City, Molloy bridges the Atlantic with tweets highlighting the strong connections between Dublin and Manhattan. But her strongest asset is her real-time tweets, keeping followers informed of what’s going on in the NYC business space:

Antonio Gimeno @antoniogimeno
One of the best bilingual marketing executives on Twitter, Mr. Gimeno bridges the Anglo-Spanish gap to 15,000 followers. The CMO for Marketing Condenidos. Here’s a great tweet encouraging teamwork:

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff @kaykas
The CMO of MindJet, the collaborate work management software company, Kaykas-Wolff has gathered more than 13,000 followers to his Twitter account. He also blogs at Marketing Integration. While he takes a sizable risk tweeting about politics to an audience in the business community, his tweets can also dive deep into the techy, wonky details of tech-biz integration.

Teri Lucie Thompson @TeriLucie
CMO at Purdue University and co-author of Tuning Into Mom, Ms. Thompson tweets about marketing and sports and sports marketing, but also ways for brands to get in touch with the market she knows best: motherhood:

Brian Kenny @hbscmo
The CMO for the Harvard Business School and eponymous blogger, Mr. Kenny tweets as @HBSCMO, a branding that communicates that he’s tweeting in his role in the organization ahead of himself as a person. He uses his Twitter account to highlight his global travels promoting the HBS brand and connecting with HBS alumni, like in Japan:


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