Jane Pratt at SXSW: Secrets of a Publishing Renegade

Jane Pratt Secrets of a Publishing Renegade

If you're at SXSW Interactive this year, you'll want to be sure to catch Jane Pratt of xoJane's panel on the Secrets of a Publishing Renegade. As the New York post teased:

"We hear she’ll dish about how she photoshopped Ashton Kutcher’s nipples off of a cover photo, was forced to eat veal at Anna Wintour’s house during a dinner party though she was a vegetarian, and showed up to an editorial meeting on no sleep after partying all night with Jimmy Fallon and Janeane Garofalo. “I wanted to call the session ‘Secrets of a Media Renegade: How I Burned Down the Old Media Model to Do Whatever the F*ck I Want,’ but that was too long,” said Pratt.  

Yep, the always irreverent and entertaining Jane Pratt, founder of Jane and Sassy magazines, will reveal what went on behind the scenes as she burnt bridges, said things she shouldn’t say out loud, and built a platform for women to express  themselves honestly. Now, with xoJane.com, Jane is once again revolutionizing the way media talks to women and has built one of the fastest growing online publishing brands for women in the history of the Web.

In her panel, Jane will reveal why the current print  Xojanemodel doesn’t work, the myths traditional media has been feeding you, and the outrageous anecdotes from 25 years in media .

SXSW panel: Secrets of a Publishing Renegade
When: Tuesday, March 12, 11am
Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5

This is one panel you don't want to miss. Get more details about the panel, the SXSW schedule and the panel location here.



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