ReadWrite Mix: Aaron Levie of Box on What's Cool in Enterprise

Readwrite mix

Lots of people <3 enterprise these days judging from the huge turnout at ReadWrite Mix last night, where Dan Lyons interviewed Aaron Levie, CEO of Box. For the record, Aaron has been called Jack Dorsey's favorite entrepreneur, one of his core values is to "get shit done," and best of all, he's funny.

Last night Dan got Aaron talking about how the cloud changes everything and will change every business, why the Silicon Valley mentorship network is so valuable for entrepreneurs, and of course, who's on the cool enterprise list: Oracle and Microsoft are not, but Zendesk and Platfora are because they're taking advantage of the cloud and designing software like consumer products. After all, why can't enterprise companies have customer service that's Zappo's-like?

Some other notes and quotes from the evening:

Thanks to everyone who joined us last night for ReadWrite Mix - and we hope to see you at the next one!

Update: Here's a video of some highlights from the evening:

Read more about the evening from ReadWrite here.



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