15 Brands Doing Interesting Things with Instagram Video

Instagram Video
When Instagram announced its new video feature, we all knew it was just a matter of time before big brands hopped on board. After all, if a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a 15 second video can do? We were curious to see which brands took immediately to the new tool and how they used it to promote themselves.

It's still early but here are 15 brands that are already using Instagram video in interesting ways. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

Every mat has a story to tell. #justmymat by @lululemon

Followers: 252,934
Lululemon was given early access to the new video feature on Instagram so they were prepared to post their first video the second video was available to the masses. Because of this, they had one of the best first videos of any brand. Cleverly edited and brand-relevant, this one is definitely worth a watch.

A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London by @burberry

Followers: 860,366
Burberry has always had an engaging and robust Instagram feed, so it’s no surprise that the 157-year-old clothing brand took to the new technology quickly, giving followers a well-edited glimpse behind the scene of their latest Menswear show.

Putting the Ford Fiesta back up camera to the test. Goal! #FordTrends by @ford

Followers: 32,866
Ford is clearly very exicted about the fact that Instagram can now let them show cars in motion, as well as videos of demonstrations and announcements. Our favorite thus far? “Putting the Ford Fiesta back up camera to the test.”

It starts here. #1912 #pikeplace #storestory by @starbucks

Followers: 1,324,166
Their follower count alone shows what a phenomenal job Starbucks does with its Instagram feed. Most of their clever, quirky photos are ads for Starbucks (in some form), but somehow they never feel like that. Their first video, appropriately, shows the birthplace of Starbucks: Pike Place. And it has 52.3K “likes” and over 600 comments.

Sarpan Gamanga often used to spend four hours every day walking to get water from a nearby stream. Not anymore. Thanks to @charitywater funding, Sarpan and the other women in Engereda village now have water taps right at home. Which makes for a much shorter journey. #waterchangeseverything by @charitywater

Charity Water
Followers: 136,568
Another brand that was given early access, Charity Water used its first video to show a woman who used to have to walk four hours every day to get water to her new, much shorter journey, thanks to Charity Water. It will be interesting to see how other charitable brands use video to show their cause come to life and get people inspired to give.

Cheers! It's happy hour in NYC! #ColorWhisper by @maybelline

Followers: 56,118
Maybelline’s first Instagram video puts a new twist on Happy Hour and puts their new lip color top of mind.

Loading up the bus to head to the Barclays Center for the #NBADraft! by @nba

Followers: 1,155,992
The NBA is incredibly active on Instagram and their social media team took an instant liking to the video feature, sharing clips of teams loading the bus, behind the scenes at the Championship rally, draft interviews, and more. Great stuff any basketball fan will appreciate.

July 4th in an instant with @PurseBlog #WhatsInYourKors #InstaKors by @michaelkors

Michael Kors
Followers: 919,739
Instagram video is perfect for retailers because it gives them the opportunity to put together a collage of irresistible eye candy, which is exactly what Michael Kors did to get everyone ready for an American summer.

The #MermaidParade at Coney Island ends in the sea! #RoadToTheVMAs 8/25/13 @barclayscenter by @mtv

Followers: 1,349,781 Instagram video is a perfect fit for MTV since it allows them to use sound. The first video was a lively Coney Island parade that ends with the iconic MTV Moon Man. We look forward to seeing what they do with video during their awards shows.

#anotherdayattheoffice @nevillejacobs #marcjacobs by @marcjacobsintl

Marc Jacobs
Followers: 741,289
Staying completely in line with their quirky, fun style and personality, Marc Jacobs’ first Instagram video was “Another Day at the Office” featuring, of course, an adorable dog. And we all know: any video with animals always wins the Internet.

What's in Michael Yamashita's #FlipsideSport? @yamashitaphoto @loweprobags @thephotosociety #videogram #cameragear #stopmotion #lowepro by @natgeo

National Geographic
Followers: 2,087,295
National Geographic’s Instagram is full of gorgeous, colorful photos of animals we only dream of seeing and places we hope to visit. What better than to show just what it takes to capture those stunning pics than an extremely well-edited video showing all of a photographer’s gear getting packed to go on a journey.

Very serious bubble-blowing. #AAvideo by @americanapparelusa

American Apparel
Followers: 402,726
A little racy, a little irreverent, and a little retro: American Apparel’s Instagram videos all embrace exactly what the brands about. There’s a lingerie photo shoot that’s a little NSFW, so instead, enjoy this girl blowing bubbles with her gum.

Soon. #DoritosLocosTacos #InstagramVideo by @tacobell

Taco Bell
Followers: 124, 178
There’s a new Doritos Locos Taco coming soon. We’re guessing from the video that it’s going to be hot.

Loving our new favorite maxi with the Wesson ankle boots! #freepeople #fashion #video by @freepeople

Free People
Followers: 720, 392
Video is the perfect way to show how easy it is to ensemble the perfect outfit and also, how that outfit moves. We hope to see more videos like this from Free People in the future.

Our first Instagram video! by @benandjerrys

Ben & Jerry’s
Followers: 194,634
Easy-going, relatable, and delicious. We suspect Ben & Jerry’s is going for some subliminal messaging in their first Instagram video because all of a sudden we’re craving some Chunky Monkey.

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Love Burberry <3 They're doing such a great job on their instagram. Big fan here <3


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